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I am committed to ensuring CCS remains one of the best public-school districts in the nation. As a School Board Member, I will invest in improvements that position CCS on the forefront of academic outcomes while prioritizing fiscal responsibility. I will empower parents and educators to work together to prepare our children for the future through a
well-rounded education. I will pursue common ground and consensus among Board members, working cooperatively to serve all CCS students.



Jon Shapiro
I am committed to:
pledge to:
  • Pursuing innovation and continuous academic improvement.
  • Fostering cooperative leadership among educators and parents.

  • Modeling respect for district leadership, school administration, teachers, and staff.

  • Responsibly managing and investing the
    community’s resources.

  • Maintain CCS’ reputation as one of the best public-school districts in the nation.
  • Represent the entire Carmel community, regardless of age, identity, or party affiliation. 

  • Focus district priorities on strengthening student academic achievement. 

  • Respect CCS administrators and teachers as education experts and parents as their
    child’s expert. 

  • Empower administrators, teachers, and parents to work together to serve each child’s
    unique needs.

  • Invest tax dollars in meaningful and measurable ways that directly benefit students and educators.

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